Post Workshop Support – E2E 1 @ Davengere

The Creating Futures’ Post Workshop Support is a follow-up program to the Education to Employability (E2E) workshops.

As you would know, our E2E program focuses on enabling students to develop some critical competencies to help them secure meaningful jobs. This program runs through 4-5 days. Once the students are back to the regular rigmarole of their daily lives’, they may lose focus on what they have learnt at the E2E sessions. We try to address this gap by continually engaging with the students through our Post Workshop Support sessions.

Our process is as follows:

  • Have a planned curriculum for the students that will build on the concepts that were taught at the E2E workshop
  • Post Workshop Support program will be coordinated by a ‘Student Coordinator’
  • Continue to engage with the students in their capability development process by assigning one activity every week to the students. This is primarily through emails.
  • Conduct a half-day or one-day session on specific topics that will help build their competencies further
  • Mentor the students, if needed
  • Support the students in potential employment opportunities
  • Support the students (as needed) even after they employed

Our first two Post Support Workshops were held late in 2014 at Davengere to help the students of the Jain Institute of Technology.

Jain Institute of Technology, Davengere

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