Skill Building at Govt. Schools

There is no doubting the fact that education is the gateway to a more fulfilling life. Being able to read, do mathematics and reason scientifically is fundamental. How else would one participate in the world around? With the intense focus on making education accessible to children across the globe, we as humanity, have indeed done remarkably well in the last decade or more. In India too we have made great strides in getting our children to

Education in the true sense is however much more than just numbers and letters. It is the process by which an individual learns to think, develop their intelligence and LIVE. It must go beyond just reading and writing. An educational institution is responsible for the wholesome upbringing of a student and that includes non-academic skills like building their self-confidence, personality development, improving spoken English and beyond.

However, in a country like India, most of the government schools face capacity and resource shortages and therefore sometimes struggle to even meet the academic expectations. Expecting the schools to go beyond academics and cover wholesome growth is not practical considering their limitations. Anything beyond basic academics is currently not their focus or perhaps not feasible for them. And this creates a huge gap in the development of a child.
We at Creating Futures decided to address this gap. Read more…..Skill Development @ Government Schools

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