Spoken English Workshop 2 – By demand @ Bosco Mane

The students who attended our Life Skills Workshop during the summer this year- April 2016, had requested us to facilitate some Spoken English sessions for them to help ace their interviews.

Of course it was a request that we could not deny. We were definitely up to it and what resulted was 2 sessions of 6 hours each, spread over two consecutive Sundays, starting 5th of June and ending on 12th of June.

We had 14 students in attendance and 4 volunteers helped us.

SPoken English

What did we do?

We :

worked with them on enhancing their vocabulary and provided some tools to support in sentence constructions
provided an opportunity to learn intonation through reading
helped with articulating in English with confidence
supported with preparation for typical interview questions and practised through mock interviews
supported with creating resumes and reviewed them

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