LifeSkills Workshop 9 – And we still have a long road ahead…

The Creating Futures’ Life-skills sessions are aimed at building competencies that will help the attendees to function optimally in their environments. We help them in their personality development with the objective of overall grooming of students in social, private and public environments.

In this particular session we addressed:

  • Self Awareness – Strength & Beauties
  • Self Awareness – Multiple Intelligence & Emotion Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical/ Problem Solving
  • Discussion/Decision Making
  • Vision Creation



Some numbers on the efforts & timelines are given below:

  • Average no. of attendees across all 6 weeks: 17
  • Commencement :1-Oct-16
  • Completion :12-Nov-16
  • No. of Days :6 Saturdays
  • Duration :3 hours session each
  • No. Volunteers : 11
  • Volunteering Hrs : 69 hrs.



Our key takeaways/improvement areas from this session:

  • We had multiple trainers for all 6 sessions. We may have to consider having 1 trainer constant through out the session for ease of developing/ retaining the connect with the students thus enabling them to be comfortable with us.
  • It would be a lot more easier if the primary facilitator could speak in Kannada.

However, we are glad that we did what we did and we will work on our improvements.

One thought on “LifeSkills Workshop 9 – And we still have a long road ahead…

  • March 6, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    We have worked with creating futures team to conduct Life skills sessions at Kannamangala High School. It was a great learning, fun filled experience for kids. We would like to conduct these session for all other high schools kids in our area.


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