warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. Email feedback WARNING: Shock hazard. • NEVER force the battery pack into the charger. Some examples of these chemicals are: • crystalline silica from bricks and cement and other masonry products, and. Is it worth the extra money to get the 20v compact dcs387 over the regular dcs380 saw? If contact accidentally occurs, flush with water. View online Instruction manual for DeWalt DCS380 Cordless Saw or simply click Download button to examine the DeWalt DCS380 guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. Do not crush, drop or damage, the battery pack. e) Do not overreach. f) Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Re-grease before re-assembly. Afficher d’autres offres. DEWALT’s DCS380B 20V MAX* Cordless Reciprocating Saw comes equipped with patented technology and innovative features that make it ideal for HVAC/mechanical contractors, electricians, carpenters, framers, plumbers, remodelers, and fire and rescue crews for increased productivity and performance on the jobsite. Unplug the charger before attempting to clean. N102053 Switch, Vs - Dewalt® $74.72. • When operating a charger outdoors, always provide a dry location and use an, extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Always use NIOSH/OSHA approved respiratory. Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under the influence, of drugs, alcohol or medication. Any downsides to the compact? WARNING: Always wear proper personal hearing protection that conforms to ANSI, S12.6 (S3.19) during use. Replacing bent or broken blade shaft. $37.31 Part Number: 613138-00SV. 0 DeWalt DCS367B Review. • arsenic and chromium from chemically-treated lumber. Upload or insert images from URL. Paste as plain text instead, × c) When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects like, paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects that can, make a connection from one terminal to another. It is just 14.5 inch in total length. This review looks at five particular models, the DCK240C2 vs. DCK280C2 vs. DCK277C2 vs. DCK211S2. e) Maintain power tools. Toxic fumes and materials are created. Damaged battery packs should be returned to the service center for recycling. Vendre; Liste Objets à suivre Développer la … • Avoid prolonged contact with dust from power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other construction activities. Powerhouse Home › DeWalt Tools › DeWalt Reciprocating Saws › DCS380 TYPE 2 Have a Question? 13 sold. We are offering the following DEWALT manufacturer's mail-in rebates with the purchase of select DEWALT tools from any authorized … or Best Offer.   Pasted as rich text. WALT Industrial Tool Co., 701 East Joppa Road, Baltimore, MD 21286, The following are trademarks for one or more D, WALT power tools: the yellow and black color scheme, the "D" shaped, air intake grill, the array of pyramids on the handgrip, the kit box configuration, and the array of lozenge-shaped humps, The definitions below describe the level of severity for each signal word. This will ensure that the safety of the power tool is maintained. • Contents of opened battery cells may cause respiratory irritation. Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of electric shock. Upgraded to a full line of Dewalt 20v max in drill driver and ordered DCS380B sawzall. • Do not charge or use the battery pack in explosive atmospheres, such as in the, presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. outdoor use. Your risk from these exposures varies, depending on how often you do this type of work. In Stock, 4 available In Stock, 4 available Note: Incl. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the power, d) Store idle power tools out of the reach of children and do not allow persons. This will. The latter is an earlier model. Do not modify the battery pack in, any way to fit into a non-compatible charger as battery pack may rupture causing, serious personal injury. for safety. composed of a mixture of liquid organic carbonates and lithium salts. 4 product ratings - Dewalt DC385, DW938, DCS380, DCS381.....CASE ONLY-***USED*** C $44.11. Dewalt drill driver combo kits provide an excellent range for the buyer. The 380 model was released in 2012 and is still considered a current model, alongside other cordless and corded models. Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. b) Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges and refrigerators. The Dewalt dcs387b reciprocating saw has been designed in such a way that the motor is located in the diagonal position on the front side of the trigger. DeWalt DCS380 (sans batterie) Meilleur prix. One of the biggest differences between DeWalt DCS380B vs DCS381 is the design of the blade clamp. View and Download DeWalt DCS380 instruction manual online. Loose clothes, jewelry or long hair can be, g) If devices are provided for the connection of dust extraction and collection, facilities, ensure these are connected and properly used. WARNING: ALWAYS use safety glasses. Both the DCS388 and the DCS380 scored at the bottom of their respective cordless groups. Use the correct power tool for your application. DeWalt DCS380B Outil de scie sabre 20 V max. Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Never attempt to open the battery pack for any reason. size matters in this case smaller is better......... Something to consider, I have the dcs380, (it's pretty new and I've not used it a lot so keep that in mind). Enjoy! The 380 was sold as "tool only" with no battery, charger, or as part of a kit. This enables. DCS380 cordless saw pdf manual download. DCS387B, DCS367B, DC385B, and DCS380BThere’s been debate on whether uninterrupted power from corded-electric tools are better than the maximum portability you get from cordless. Passer au contenu principal. In a stamped envelope mail the above items to:0 DEWALT DWMY011 PO Box 42833 Towson, MD 21284 Please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. Use of a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock. Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. The 387 got LED to improve visibility of cut , the 380 no light. Fiche produit. Wear protective clothing and wash exposed, areas with soap and water. will increase the risk of electric shock. FREE Shipping Australia Wide When You Spend $99. If liquid contacts eyes, additionally seek medical help. Use of a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces, • An extension cord must have adequate wire size (AWG or American Wire Gauge). It is considered to be one of lightest saw available in the market as it weighs only 4.9 pounds. WARNING: Fire hazard. • Do not expose the charger to rain or snow. And, I have not used the dcs387. DCS381-XE saw pdf manual download. DeWALT DCS381 Type 2 20V Reciprocating Saw Parts. The battery pack is not fully charged out of the carton. To check the status of your rebate … connecting to power source and/or battery pack, picking up or carrying the tool. tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is dangerous and must be repaired. 1 Definitions: Safety Guidelines The definitions below describe the level of severity for each signal word.   Your previous content has been restored. We Have The Best Brands At The Best Prices Including Milwaukee, Makita, HiKoKi, DeWalt and More! The lower the gauge, or AC/DC......alternating or direct current, ........................safety alert symbol, RPM ...................revolutions per minute, sfpm ...................surface feet per minute, WALT. Protective, equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection. When ordering replacement battery packs, be sure to include the catalog number and voltage. A wrench. Transporting batteries can possibly cause fires if the battery terminals, inadvertently come in contact with conductive materials such as keys, coins, hand, tools and the like. During cutting operations, the blade may suddenly bind in the work and may cause the saw to kickback towards the. 74.7200 N102053 + Add to Cart. 4 product ratings - Dewalt DC385, DW938, DCS380, DCS381.....CASE ONLY-***NEW*** C $66.23. Please read the. better control of the power tool in unexpected situations. DeWalt is a brand we tend to turn to when we’re looking for a top-quality tool. may promote absorption of harmful chemicals. Never tape the trigger switch in the ON position. ALWAYS WEAR CERTIFIED SAFETY. 169,08 € Frais de livraison non compris. Évolution du prix. To reduce your exposure to these chemicals: work in a well ventilated area, and work with, approved safety equipment, such as those dust masks that are specially designed to filter out. Also Read: DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL050 Full Comparison. WARNING! Holding the work by hand or against your body leaves it unstable and may. d) Do not abuse the cord. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is, c) Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions. Backorder: No ETA Backorder: No ETA $15.98. DeWALT DCS380L1 Type 1 20V Reciprocating Saw Parts. N091479 N091479 … charger, read the safety instructions below and then follow charging procedures outlined. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge. Please read the manual and pay attention to these symbols. when lithium ion battery packs are burned. Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users. Never place your hands near the cutting area. The symbols and their definitions. 4 Position Blade Clamp allows for tool free blade changes, http://www.dewalt.com/tools/cordless-saws-reciprocating-saws-dcs387b.aspx. Size The DEWALT DCS380 has a longer body, which measures 18 inches. b) Do not use the power tool if the switch does not turn it on and off. DeWalt DCS380B comes with a four-position blade clamp which allows you to adjust the direction of your blade teeth. 2018 NAPA Q1 01-01-2018. As you can see, the DEWALT DCS367 has a sleeker look than the DEWALT DCS387. Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed (grounded) power tools. FAQs ? A moment of inattention while operating power tools, b) Use personal protective equipment. 419 product ratings - DeWALT DCS380B 20V 20 Volt MAX Li-Ion … • The label on your tool may include the following symbols. 11 watchers. Properly maintained cutting tools with sharp. Hope that helps! This tool utilizes the company’s latest technology and is both powerful and comfortable to use. If battery liquid gets into the eye, rinse water over the open eye for, 15 minutes or until irritation ceases. Use of any other. Based on the data available, both of these recip saws have a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches, but the DEWALT DCS380 has a slightly higher SPM, making it cut faster than the DEWALT DCS387. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts and any other condition that may affect the power tool's. Vibration caused by the operating, action of this tool may cause permanent injury to fingers, hands, and arms. Many times, it is the only type of saw that will work for the situation. Tool Diagram. DCS380 TYPE 2. WARNING: Fire hazard. 18 V CORDLESS RECIPROCATING SAWS. February 19, 2015 in Dewalt. C $125.86. Li-Ion Outil uniquement, pas de batterie, jaune: Amazon.ca: Outils et Bricolage ... 5,0 sur 5 étoiles Excellent tool, just make sure it is the DCS380 not DCS381. Dewalt DC385, DW938, DCS380, DCS381.....CASE ONLY-***NEW*** | Home & Garden, Tools & Workshop Equipment, Power Tools | eBay! An undersized cord will cause a drop in, line voltage resulting in loss of power and overheating. Recherche approfondie: Aubaines eBay; Nous joindre; Langue actuelle : Français Français. Also for: Dcs380-xe. Also, if you're buying the DCS380P1 kit, the "P" means a 5.0aH battery, while the DCS380 usually comes in a "L" kit (3.0aH) or "M" kit (4.0 aH). DeWALT Reciprocating Saw Parts . b) Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence, of flammable liquids, gases or dust. protection appropriate for the dust exposure. provide extra cushion, take frequent rest periods, and limit daily time of use. WARNING: Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other, construction activities contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth. Liquid ejected from the battery may cause irritation, a) Have your power tool serviced by a qualified repair person using only identical. • Make sure that the cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over or, • Do not use an extension cord unless it is absolutely necessary. × By • Do not store or use the tool and battery pack in locations where the temperature, may reach or exceed 105 °F (40 °C) (such as outside sheds or metal buildings in. Diagram and Parts List for DeWALT Reciprocating Saw . User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your DeWalt DCS380 Cordless Saw. DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw DCS381 brand new tool only 135$ with case +10$ with 2.0ah battery and charger +60$ DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw DCS380 brand new tool only 145$ with case +10$ with 2.0ah battery and charger +60$ on). Powered by Invision Community, Decapoli Family sotto capo (underboss)